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Phone: (352) 589-7233


If you have questions or anything else that we can help you with, please call us.  If we can't answer, leave a message and we'll call you back as soon as we can.

Hi, I'm Angie-

I'm the person you are most likely to get if you call, and the one most likely to answer if you email. I'm not the only one, but I do most of the office stuff even though I also teach classes.  Call me if you can't find your answers or if you just feel like talking to a real person.  If I'm on the phone, you'll get the recording, but if you leave me a message, I always call back every single one.

Learning to ride and getting your license can be a big, confusing and sometimes intimidating thing, so I'm here to help you find your way through it all.  Actually, it's pretty fun for me- I get to talk about motorcycles and riding all day...way better than a real job!